Dr. Koksal Akoglu Member of the Board of Directors, Garanti Koza Bulgaria

Dr. Koksal Akoglu Mr. Koksal Akoglu, PhD in Mechanical Engineering. With over 30 years of experience in development of various projects (mixed-use) and strong focus on retail he has had a leading role in the development, leasing and management of Akmerkez, Akkoza, Akasya and Akbatı shoppin..


Alexander Daw Director, Stephen George International

Alexander runs a team of around 40 architects, technicians and graphic designers in Sofia and since 2009 has built up a dependable client base and one of the region’s largest international practices. Currently looking for expansion opportunities in neighbouring countries and focusing on the..


Arch. Radomir Serafimov CEO, Atelier Serafimov Architects

Arch. Radomir Serafimov

Arch. Ilian Iliev CEO, Planning

Arch. Ilian Iliev

Arch. George Stoyanov Manager, ADS Genik Architects

Arch. George Stoyanov

Anton Ivanov CEO, Silico

Anton Ivanov

Pavel Marinikov Innovation and Markets Director, Veolia Energy Solutions Bulgaria EAD

Pavel Marinikov

Radoslava Radeva representative of Schneider Electric Bulgaria

Radoslava Radeva

Dipl. Eng. Yulii Armyanov CEO, Tangra

Dipl. Eng. Yulii Armyanov

Hristo Nikolov, editor “Real estate and investments”, The City Media Group

Hristo Nikolov,

Arch. Tsvetan Petrov CEO, Ivo Petrov architects

Arch. Tsvetan Petrov

Arch. Tchavdar Georgiev leading architect, Georgiev Design Studio, hotel at “Dondukov” blvd

Arch. Tchavdar Georgiev

Arch. Pavel Ivanov, managing partner, Art New Vision

Arch. Pavel Ivanov,

Arch. Svetoslava Kolarova Albena Design

Arch. Svetoslava Kolarova

Arch. Alexander Boyadzhiev DEVELOPMENT DESIGN PROGRAM EXPERT, Ideal standart

Arch. Alexander Boyadzhiev

Dip. Eng. Antoaneta Koteva Key Account Manager at Siemens Bulgaria

Dip. Eng. Antoaneta Koteva

Velin Lechev Manager business development, Novatel Calirom

Velin Lechev

Nikolay Todorov Editor “Buildings and architecture”, The City Media Group

Nikolay Todorov

Arch. Nicolay Traykov Project manager, America for Bulgaria foundation

Arch. Nicolay Traykov

Arch. Atanas Panov CEO, LP Consult

Arch. Atanas Panov

Arch. Dimcho Tilev CEO, Tilev Architects

Arch. Dimcho Tilev

Arch. Alexander Minchev A.M. Project

Arch. Alexander Minchev

Arch. Kalin Dikov CEO, Elite studio

Arch. Kalin Dikov

Arch. Daniela Ivanova-Uzunova Research and development manager (R&D manager), Knauf Bulgaria

Arch. Daniela Ivanova-Uzunova

Arch. Hristo Genchev founder of

Arch. Hristo Genchev

Arch. Marina Kounavi managing partner, Аrchitects for Urbanity, Rotterdam

Arch. Marina Kounavi

Arch. Irgen Salianji managing partner, Аrchitects for Urbanity, Rotterdam

Arch. Irgen Salianji

Arch. Ivaylo Petкov CEO, TEN Architects

Arch. Ivaylo Petкov

Prof. Arch. Valeri Ivanov CEO, ATEK - VD

Prof. Arch. Valeri Ivanov

arch. Kaloyan Kolev ATEK - VD

arch. Kaloyan Kolev

arch. Galina Shepeleva ATEK - VD

arch. Galina Shepeleva



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